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I didn’t realize how long my hiatus from posting anything has been until I just looked at my blog. May was my last post! About gardenias. We definitely aren’t in gardenia season anymore.

I don’t really make new year’s resolutions but one thing I would like to get back to this year is posting more frequently again. The past year has been a rough one for me between big disappointments and major surgery. Of course I am grateful for the beautiful moments as well. But I feel like I have lost a piece of myself and my spirit has been a bit battered. Having a place to express my thoughts or even just my photographs and do it on a regular basis might help me get back to a better place. A more hopeful and fulfilling place.


That said, I took these photos yesterday. We had our first snowfall, more like an icefall. It was a magical frosty winter day. Great for one day and now I am ready for a Caribbean vacation. But being in Georgia, it will be 50 degrees warmer later this week. I’m not complaining.


I hope your new year is full of hope and promise and that you find ways to lift your soul and spirit too. Happy 2017!