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Spring makes my heart so happy. I thought I would share the season’s preliminary gifts from my garden. But first..

When my children were teeny tiny, they had a sweet little book that I loved to read to them every spring, “Home for a Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown.


I still remember the opening verses..

“Spring, spring, spring!” sang the frog. “Spring!” said the ground hog. “Spring, spring, spring!” said the robin. It was spring. The leaves burst out. The flowers burst out. And robins burst out of their eggs. It was spring.

I turn my face to the sky, feel the sun on my skin and the first warm breeze, and I think of those words. Every spring. I feel as joyful and excited as the little creatures in that book. Here are the fruits of my labor and Mother Nature’s gift to my garden this spring..

Evergreen Clematis (the scent is heavenly, like jasmine or tuberose)


Fringe Flowers


Bridal Wreath Spirea



Pansies in the vegetable garden survived the winter and came back with a flourish


The frog, the groundhog and the robin were right. It is spring. Finally!